Mixed-Up Mixtapes

Arcano Systems has just backed another project on Kickstarter called “Make/100: Mixed-Up Mixtapes!”

Mike T, a fan of the Arcano Chiptune Synthesizer series, is releasing more of his awesome music through a Kickstarter campaign. His latest Kickstarter project features “new and remixed material from the Rainbow Kitten archives.” Rewards include his music in the form of a limited edition cassette (only 100 will be released!) or a digital download version. Back his project before it’s too late! Let’s make this project happen!


“Something Right Now”

Jay Garcia, a Kickstarter backer who helped fund production runs of the Obscura and Arcano-MIDI-NES-series synthesizers, has released the song “Something Right Now.” He created this track using Arcano and Obscura synthesizers.

Listen to the track on SoundCloud:

Follow Jay Garcia on twitter: @ModusJesus